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Cheryl Hogue presents “Creating My Own Bird Expeditions: Tucson, Big Bend, and Sax-Zim Bog”

Cheryl Hogue spent a month in Southwest Arizona in the spring of 2023 and then birded Big Bend National Park in
Texas as a stop on the drive home. She’s just returned from Sax-Zim Bog in northern Minnesota on a trek in search
of owls. Cheryl will share her tips on crafting domestic bird trips that don’t rely on tour operators, private guides,
or festivals. Her strategy costs less and allows for more extensive exploration of an area and connection with other
birders. Plus, she’ll share images of some of the many birds she saw.

Cheryl Hogue is a journalist who retired a year ago from a scientific magazine where she covered plastic pollution,
the “forever chemicals” called PFAS, and climate change. She still freelances. Cheryl and Mark England recently
crafted and taught a workshop for MBC on best practices for leading field trips for potential new leaders. Cheryl
is an MBC state director and serves on the MOS committee on diversity, equity, and inclusion. She lives in Silver
Spring and leads field trips in the eastern and central parts of Montgomery County. Her favorite bird is Australia’s
Superb Fairywren.

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